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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shadow Minister invites bridge protesters to Parliament

Victorian Shadow Planning Minister Brian Tee has invited supporters of the 'No Bayshore Avenue bridge' campaign to meet him at state Parliament.

The Clifton Springs Independent Ratepayers Group (CSIRG) is heading the campaign against the proposed 'no limits' bridge in Bayshore Avenue, supported by the Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association. CSIRG had asked Mr. Tee for his support and in his reply, Mr Tee invited CSIRG to a rally that he is staging on the steps of Parliament House on 12 October at 1.00 p.m. At the rally, community groups will call on Planning Minister Matthew Guy to respond to their concerns about inappropriate development in their area, as he did recently at Philip Island.

Mr Guy said that he had stopped development at Phillip Island because the local community opposed it so strongly; and he has also that infrastructure should be built before houses, not the reverse. Could Clifton Springs be another Philip Island? In Clifton Springs, the local community is certainly opposing the proposed 'no limits' bridge in Bayshore Avenue very strongly (an 864-strong petition to Matthew Guy, a public meeting of more than 150 households and a rally of more than 200 people); and the proposed bridge will enable construction crews to build houses at the northern end of the Jetty Road Growth Area long before roads are constructed.

Of course, Ms. Miley Cyrus isn't Tweeting for Clifton Springs as she did for Philip Island! However, CSIRG believes that it has logic and ethics on its side. It continues to argue that the proposed bridge is bad planning policy and has bad outcomes for everyone in the area; and that the City of Greater Geelong should examine two positive alternatives to the bridge - a north-south road running the length of the Growth Area or a road from the west of the Growth Area into its northern end. (see 'Bridge protesters accentuate the positive' [4 October 2011] on this blog.)

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