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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Problems with bypass plans

Drysdale Bypass

Prior to the closure date on June 7th, DCSCA lodged the following submissions to David Fary of VicRoads who is performing the role of Planning Authority in the Planning Process -
  1. VicRoads have not completed the promised comparative safety and “travel times” evaluation of the two alternative Jetty Road intersections that have been shown to accommodate 2046 traffic volumes. (See May Messenger)
  2. Safety Concern - Jetty Road Signalized Intersections (VicRoads Option 3A) – VicRoads have not determined predicted vehicle and pedestrian crash data. VicRoads have not assigned Safety as “Top Priority” in the intersection selection process. This is not consistent with Victoria's “Towards Zero Vision” for a future free of deaths and serious injuries on our roads. There are an excessive and unnecessary number of vehicle-to-vehicle conflict points where the signalized intersection allows vehicles to travel along conflicting paths at impact speeds higher than those regarded as thresholds of severe injury. Similarly, there are an unnecessary and excessive number of vehicle-to-pedestrian conflict points where an impact will be at speeds significantly higher than those regarded as thresholds of severe injury.
  3. Safety Concern – Ingress and egress to the service station – The service station ingress and egress proposed in VicRoads Option 3A creates unnecessary vehicle-to-vehicle conflict points that allow vehicles to travel along conflicting paths at impact speeds higher than those regarded as thresholds of severe injury. VicRoads have not determined crash data of vehicles executing these U-turns and lane crossing maneuvers.
  4. Increased Travel Times - Upon completion of the bypass there will be significantly increased travel times for Drysdale Clifton Springs residents, especially at off peak periods.
  5. Environmental Impact Concern – VicRoads Option 3A – VicRoads have not determined the cost of fuel usage, the carbon footprint and the volumes of harmful emissions associated with vehicles waiting at red lights.
  6. The Pedestrian Underpass is too narrow to accommodate the anticipated growth in traffic volume anticipated for this essential “Active Transport” connection.
  7. An Active Transport Plan is required for the Drysdale area to ensure the bypass is safely compatible with local pedestrian and bicycle movements. This to provide active transport routes with minimal interaction with road traffic and specifically to address the safety of all ingress/egress, parking and student drop-off for the education and sporting precincts.
  8. The roundabouts along the bypass are unnecessarily large. VicRoads have designed roundabouts that are significantly larger (and hence more costly and more disruptive to local residents) than are required in Ausroads recommendations.
  9. Loss of Ambience - The Jetty Road Signalized Intersection will significantly spoil the ambience of Lake Lorne Reserve and the entrance to our community.
  10. Signalization of the Jetty Road Intersection is not consistent with local preference as determined by VicRoads community consultation conducted in 2015.
  11. Belchers Road Connection - To avoid unnecessary traffic disruption: the connection from Belchers Road through to the education precinct must be completed prior to commencement of construction of the Jetty Road intersection.