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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Objectors unite against proposed child care centre

Over a dozen residents objecting to a proposed 103-place child care centre in Jetty Road, Drysdale met the developer today at a meeting convened by the City of Greater Geelong Strategic Planning Department.

The proposed centre would be on land just south of Jetty Road’s junction with Cowies Road.

Objectors argued that the proposed centre would be an inappropriate use of the land, which is zoned Rural Living and features medium-sized blocks, several with some hobby farming activity.

They added that the proposal contravenes the City of Greater Geelong’s own policy that Rural Living zones should be ‘green buffers’ between towns and their rural surrounds.

The objectors also argued that the proposal would introduce still more traffic into Cowies Road, a ‘country lane’ under pressure already from motorists using it to avoid the traffic lights in Jetty Road.

Further, objectors pointed out that while the proposed centre’s opening hours would be 6.30am to 6.30pm, it would in fact be operating for more than fourteen hours a day including time for setting-up and receiving deliveries in the morning and cleaning in the evenings. Therefore, they asked that independent reports be commissioned on the likely noise and light ‘pollution’ from the facility.

Many of the objectors had objected to the 2005 application to build a child care centre on the property, which had been rejected by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. They said that nothing about the application had changed and couldn’t see why they should have to go through the whole process once again.

Other objectors were unable to attend the meeting, which was held at 4.00pm in the council’s Brougham Street offices, and as they couldn’t take time off from their jobs.
The council has received no letters supporting the proposed centre.

The next step in the process is that Elena Politidis - the council officer in charge of the application - will recommend that the council should either accept or reject it. Her recommendation will then be judged by a Development Hearings Panel of senior council officers.

Letters of support or objection can be submitted to the council until a final decision is taken.