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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bellarine foreshore under attack – and under repair

The recent storms damaged the foreshore at various points around the Bellarine Peninsula, washing away parts of beaches and undermining safety signs!

In Clifton Springs,  engineering contractors have undertaken extensive works at the foreshore below Edgewater Drive. Many local people will have watched contractors moving earth and shifting rocks in this area of the foreshore. This work (with more to come) should prevent further erosion of the beach and cliff face.

The work is in response to continuing erosion by the sea. Landslides have created near-vertical cliffs with, at their base, eroding debris. In response, a new 150m sea wall of rock-filled metal baskets ('gabion baskets') is being created, which should prevent further erosion. Elsewhere in the area, large quantities of  boulders are being used to create protective walls ('revetments' or 'buttresses') at the cliff face to prevent waves undermining the cliff and causing more landslides.

CoGG engineers have kept DCSCA informed about the work, which we appreciate. In turn, they have asked us to inform local people about the works. This article is one way in which we're doing this; another will be a DCSCA Public Meeting about foreshore safety on 17 July at 7.00 pm at SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre. Hear City of Greater Geelong engineers explain how recent work on the Clifton Springs foreshore will make the area safer, then have your say.