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Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome to Councillors Macdonald and Ellis

Councillors Rod Macdonald (Cheetham ward) and Lindsay Ellis (Coryule ward) will represent Drysdale & Clifton Springs in the City of Greater Geelong as a result of last week's council elections, in which Keith Fagg emerged as the City's first directly-elected Mayor.

Here are the results in detail.
Cheetham ward (2 candidates)
Brackley, Anne Elizabeth: 4,769 (41.35%)
Macdonald, Rod: 6,765 (58.65%)
Voter turnout: 11,769 (77.4% of total enrolment)
In the 2008 election, Rod Macdonald gained the seat unopposed.

Coryule ward (5 candidates)
Baldacchino, Judith: 642 (6.42%)
Ellis, Lindsay: 2,428 (24.28%)
Hayes, Monica: 2,134 (21.34%)
Kennedy, Dean: 3,070 (30.70%)
O'Connor, Tom: 1,726 (17.26%)

Ellis, Lindsay: 5,696 (56.96%)
Kennedy, Dean: 4,304 (43.04%)
Voter turnout: 10,249 (72.03% of total enrolment)
In the 2008 election, John Doull (5,519) beat Tom O'Connor (4,128) after distribution of preferences. (In the 2012 election, John Doull stood for Austin ward, where he received the smallest number of first preference votes - 859 (8.64%).

Mayor (9 candidates)
Asher, Stephanie: 17,129 (13.62%)
Bull, Sue: 10,288 (8.18%)
Fagg, Keith: 54,425 (43.28%)
Mitchell, John: 17,448 (13.88%)
Robin, Graeme: 4,041 (3.21%)
Rozpara, Frank: 1,540 (1.22%)
Smith, John: 3,503 (2.79%)
Uzelac, Bernadette: 5,111 (4.06%)
Watt, Ron: 12,251 (9.74%)

Asher, Stephanie: 47,380 (37.68%)
Fagg, Keith: 78,357 (62.32%)

By the way ...
In the 2012 election, every ward was contested, whereas in the 2008 election, 4 wards were uncontested: Austin (John Mitchell), Beangala (Jan Farrell), Cheetham (Rod Macdonald) and Deakin (Andrew Katos).

In the 2012 election, 2 sitting councillors didn't run for re-election: John Mitchell (Austin ward) and Barbara Abley (Brownbill ward). Of the remaining 10 councillors who ran for re-election, 1 lost (Cameron Granger, Windermere ward).

So the 2012-2016 City of greater Geelong council has a new mayor, three new councillors and nine re-elected councilllors.

DCSCA thanks all the candidates for standing, congratulates the winners and looks forward to working with the new mayor and council - and especially with our local councillors Rod Macdonald and Lindsay Ellis.