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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DCSCA AGM to feature Election Forum

DCSCA's 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 7.00 pm on October 17 2012 will feature an Election Forum, open to anyone to attend.

October 26 2012 is the date of elections for the City of Greater Geelong council and - for the first time - for the mayor of Geelong. Drysdale and Clifton Springs are in Coryule and Cheetham wards, so  DCSCA will invite each candidate for Coryule ward and for Cheetham ward to attend the Election Forum and answer questions. We will also invite each mayoral candidate to the Election Forum to hear local issues and to talk to local people informally afterwards.

The Election Forum will start at 7.00 pm at SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre. It will be the first item on the agenda of DCSCA's AGM, which will then move on to the formal business of the AGM. Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM, but only DCSCA members can vote on resolutions and in the elections.

Our big night!
DCSCA's AGM is its most important event of the year. It's where the DCSCA Committee tells DCSCA members about its work in the past year and invites their responses. In 2011/12, we saw success (at last!) in our campaigns to improve access to Lake Lorne and to upgrade The Dell's Lookout; we ran the second Festival of Glass (6,500 visitors); we revived the campaign for a Drysdale pool and campaigned for a bypass.

We also campaigned for improved walking/cycling paths in Jetty Road and against the bridge in Bayshore Avenue; and we contributed to public discussions about the future of Drysdale town centre, Beacon Point and McLeod's Waterholes.

The DCSCA Committee
DCSCA's AGM is also when DCSCA members elect a new Committee to run the association for the next year. The Committee consists of four officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary/Public Officer) and ten members.

At its monthly meetings, the DCSCA Committee discusses and responds to local events and issues. Committee members can also be part of DCSCA's programs - our Open Spaces Network, Going Green on the Bellarine, the Festival of Glass and (in collaboration with Springdale) the Local Economic Development project and From Streetwork to Artwork - promoting local public art.

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  1. Did any of the candidates for Mayor attend?

    Stephanie Asher is organising a public debate between the four candidates for either Sun 7 Oct or Sun 14 Oct. Date to be confirmed.

    Get background info on the candidates and the process here: