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Monday, August 23, 2010

Waterworks in Jetty Road - further update

For residents of Jetty Road, Saturdays are becoming like weekdays - full of the noise and traffic disruption associated with the excavation and construction works at Barwon Water's two pumping stations.

In a letter to residents (May 2010), Barwon Water Alliance, which is doing the work, gave assurances that 'Weekend or after hours work is not currently planned' and that they would 'notify nearby residents as early as possible' of any weekend work'. Nonetheless, excavation and construction work has happened on four of the six Saturdays since the project started (July 17 and 31; August 14 and 28); and residents received notice of just one (31 July) of those four occasions. The organisation has a specialist 'Community and Stakeholder Engagement' group, yet these broken assurances are anything but engaging.

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