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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'Community Concepts' - DCSCA submission 2

This is the second submission by the Drysdale and Clifton Springs Community Association (DCSCA) to the City of Greater Geelong's 'Community Concepts' programme.

For background on the programme, and DCSCA's initial submission see "'Community Concepts' - making the process transparent" on this blog (22 January).

Signage for Scenic Trails in Drysdale and Clifton Springs.
Provision of signage to identify existing scenic trails (for both walking and cycling) linking points of interest and scenic locations around Drysdale Clifton Springs.  For example a notice board at Drysdale Station would display a map highlighting trails, which would encourage people to undertake a scenic walk or ride to the spectacular Dell Lookout via McLeod’s Waterholes and Griggs Creek.

DCSCA believes that Geelong and the Bellarine has the potential to become an internationally-recognized tourist destination for recreational walkers and cyclists.  Co-ordinated actions to identify and promote these scenic trails will attract more visitors to the region.

For some time, DCSCA has been actively promoting scenic trails in Drysdale, Clifton Springs and the Bellarine Peninsula more broadly. As a result, some are identified in the REMA Tourist Information Map and in the 2014 North Bellarine Business and Services Directory.

Objectives of the project
  • To grow the local economy and increase local employment opportunities.
  • To increase and promote the tourism attraction of the central Bellarine.
  • To improve community health and well-being, reduce obesity within the community and reduce the cost burden on the health system.
  • To increase social activity (and reduce anti-social behavior) by promoting healthy lifestyles and by encouraging active recreation and an engaged community.
  • To encourage the community participation in non-polluting sustainable activity
  • To promote and enhance the natural environment.
Street address and suburb: Drysdale and Clifton Springs 

Council ward: Coryule
Estimate of total project cost: $5,000. Total cost would depend on the number of signs.  The project could start with four signs: one each at Drysdale Station, a location on the Rail Trail, the Boat Harbour and the Dell. The cost could possibly be offset by sponsorship.  This is the type of activity with which State and Federal Government, commercial enterprises and community service groups would be glad to have their name associated.

DCSCA has volunteer insurance and members would be happy to assist in any way. Any on-going maintenance should be minimal.

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