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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

'Community Concepts' - DCSCA submission 6

This is the sixth submission by the Drysdale and Clifton Springs Community Association (DCSCA) to the City of Greater Geelong's 'Community Concepts' programme.

For background on the programme, and earlier DCSCA submissions see "'Community Concepts' - making the process transparent" on this blog (22 January). 

Scoping Study - Spring Water Dispensing Feature at the site of the historic mineral springs.
Council should establish a 'scoping study' to investigate, arrange design and, if appropriate,
progress to completion a Spring Water Dispensing Feature. The study group should include representatives of State and Federal Government, Local Council, Geelong Otway Tourism, local community groups, Bellarine Historical Society, invited experts, engineers, local artists.
The City of Greater Geelong is currently taking action to combat erosion and land slippage along the Clifton Springs Foreshore.  DCSCA considers this action imperative and wants it to result in a safe and stabilized foreshore that is accessible to the community (including the mobility challenged). Particular attention should be paid to reclaiming the beach at the site of the historic mineral springs in order to maintain what is left of this part of Clifton Springs irreplaceable heritage. When this is achieved it would be appropriate to erect a Spring Water Dispensing Feature on the site of the historic mineral springs.  DCSCA understands the spring water has been tested and is safe to drink.
Objective of the project
  • To investigate the desirability of a spring water-dispensing artistic feature, determine costs, source funding and make recommendations and, if appropriate, progress to completion. 

A Spring Water Dispensing Feature would: 
  • Preserve and promote the historical significance of the mineral springs.
  • Provide a “Streetscape to Artscape” feature and a tourist attraction for the Dell.
  • Encourage people to visit the Clifton Springs beach and foreshore for passive recreation, thus improving community health and wellbeing.
  • Complement a Clifton Springs Foreshore Walk.
  • Increase the tourism attraction of the Bellarine and hence grow the local economy and increase local employment opportunities.
  • Encourage the community participation in non-polluting carbon neutral, sustainable activity.
  • Sustain and enhance the natural environment.

DCSCA has been actively involved in re-vegetation at the Dell and has conducted community planting days.
Council ward: Coryule
Estimate of total project cost: $20,000.

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