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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How many more sleeps for Gracie Rose?

Gracie Rose was born around the time that the City of Greater Geelong assured Ryan Court residents and DCSCA that a council-built 'urban dam' in their street would be filled-in and the area restored. A month later, Gracie Rose has celebrated her first month’s birthday, but the 'urban dam' remains.

Since March, Ryan Court residents have watched as this urban dam filled with rainwater that failed to drain away as promised, and that soon collected foam and oil slicks. In July, they asked DCSCA for assistance and, as a result, council officers told them that the dam would be filled-in.

One of the Ryan Court residents is Gracie Rose's grandmother, who has kept her informed of developments .... or, rather, the lack of any. It would be nice if Gracie Rose's second month’s birthday could also be a celebration of the dam’s removal, but at the moment, that’s looking unlikely.

Any guesses on how many more sleeps for Gracie Rose before the Ryan Court 'urban dam' is filled-in?

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