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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bridge protesters rally in red

Two hundred residents attended a rally and 'ribbon-tying ceremony' at Bayshore Avenue, Clifton Springs on Sunday 11 September to protest against a proposed bridge from Bayshore Avenue across Griggs Creek.

The rally was organised by the Clifton Springs Independent Ratepayers Group (CSIRG), which is leading the proposed bridge. Property developers Bisinella has applied for a permit to build the bridge, which would be the only point of access for construction vehicles entering and leaving its land at the northern end of the Jetty Road Urban Growth Area, where it intends to build a high-end housing estate.

CSIRG had leafletted the area extensively, inviting people to the rally, asking them to wear red and suggesting that they tie red ribbon to their fences, letter boxes, etc.

Locals wearing a variety of red clothing applauded as one of the area's oldest residents, Max Christie, tied a ribbon carrying a 'STOP' sign across Bayshore Avenue, under a sign saying 'No Bridge!'

CSIRG spokesperson Gary Dean said that he was 'overwhelmed' by the community's response to the rally. 'Council has been ignoring the concerns of Clifton Springs residents, he said. 'I haven't met anyone who isn't against the bridge.'

The Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association (DCSCA) has been assisting CSIRG and supported the rally. DCSCA Secretary Patrick Hughes said, 'People don't want this bridge and they don't need it. The only people who need it are Bisinella and they only need it because the council has failed to require for a north-south road within the Growth Area.'

Bisinella's application to build the bridge will be considered by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) on 26-27 October in Geelong Magistrates Court.

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