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Friday, January 18, 2019

Increased safety risk at Clifton Springs junction

-->DCSCA is concerned that the increased traffic from the Curlewis estate entering the Bay Shore Avenue - Jetty Road junction in Clifton Springs heightens the risk to drivers and pedestrians.
1. The increased traffic has increased the likelihood of a crash occurring between vehicles.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that approximately 80% of vehicles (including buses) move through this intersection between Jetty Road and Bay Shore Avenue east. These vehicles pass through a Give Way sign and should give way to vehicles from both their right and their left. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to look to their left (down Bay Shore Avenue west) before entering Bay Shore Avenue east. This is perhaps because looking left is physically very difficult unless you go past the Give Way sign.

2. The increase in traffic has increased the risk of injury to pedestrians due to the lack of footpaths.
This junction is dangerous already for pedestrians wishing to walk to the bus stops on Jetty Road – especially to the mobility-challenged and to parents with prams – who have to walk on the road. The increase in traffic entering this junction from the Curlewis estate increases the danger to pedestrians still further.

Making it safer 
To meet the increased risk, the DCSCA committee recommends:
* laying footpaths on the south side of the intersection, leading to the bus stops in Jetty Road
* rebuilding the junction to incorporate a fully- or partially-mountable roundabout
* installing a 'mirror on a post' at the top of the drive diown to the jetty, to counteract the blind spot at the bend in the drive.