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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Offbeat and offshore!

DCSCA is working with the City of Greater Geelong as it initiates the design of an artificial reef and/or sculpture offshore from The Dell, in Clifton Springs.

Marine life reclaims the space!
Such a structure would increase the area's attraction as a leisure and creation centre by encouraging snorkelling and creating  a picturesque view from The Dell Lookout; and it would increase fish numbers by improving the marine environment.

DCSCA has lobbied the council and tourism bodies for the creation of such a structure since 2013. Its lobbying has included a 2015 Community Budget Submission to the council calling for an artificial reef for The Dell; and in 2016, DCSCA added its voice to those of the Boating Industry Association of Victoria and Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine in calling for an underwater sculpture gallery off Clifton Springs.

Now, after six years of false hopes and false starts, it seems that this idea’s time has come. DCSCA congratulates the council for initiating the design and marketing of the reef/sculpture and will work with the council to ensure that the structure reflects local people's views about the area and its future.

(The illustration shows one of Jason de Caires Taylor's many underwater sculptures,)

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