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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Drysdale Bypass update at public meeting

Andrew Westcot, Team Leader of the Vic Roads Drysdale Bypass project, will be the guest speaker at a public meeting in Drysdale at 7.00pm on Wednesday 19 October 2016.

Andrew will give an update on the Team's work so far and answer general questions about the Drysdale Bypass project.

The occasion is the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association (DCSCA). It will happen at SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre, 17-21 High Street, Drysdale 3222.

DCSCA Secretary Patrick Hughes said, “Vic Roads has worked hard to keep the local community informed about its work on the Bypass. We appreciate that and we're looking forward to Andrew’s update.”

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  1. To me there is only one answer to the intersection problem! An overpass over grubb rd to keep through traffic flowing.posibly a second roundabout on grubb rd for the school traffic .. leave the existing roundabout and that would eliminate any traffic lights at high st opposite lake horn.. vic roads maintain they want to keep traffic flowing, putting in traffic lights is only stopping traffic and will create a hazard for heavy trucks heading for the tip which wont be able to stop.. With the overpass there would be minimal disruption to traffic whilst being built by using the existing infrastructure. When you come over the hill now and look straight ahead it is clearly visible with what I am getting at. The overpass may cost a bit more initially but in the long term for the interest of tourists and locals to keep traffic flowing but at least by illiminating 2 sets of lights and will significantly reduce maintenance costs.. There are too many traffic lights on our roads now. The Bellarine hwy is already littered with traffic lights. And also the pedestrian lights at Hermsly rd need to be moved back to the intersection (who ever designed that needs to have a good look at traffic flow) I have only lived here for 5 years and have notice the increase in traffic to the area with the Curlewis development and there will be more in the future. We are fortunate with the Ambulance station nearby. Its just a shame that the Police presence is not increased