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Monday, November 9, 2015

Reprieve for community association facing closure

The Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association has had a reprieve!

On Friday 6 November, the association heard from Mr. Ari Singer, General Manager of Caltex franchisee Milemaker Petroleum, that the company had decided, as a gesture of goodwill to the local community, to waive $5,500 in legal costs that the association owed Milemaker.

Association President Rick Paradise said, “The association congratulates Milemaker for making this generous gesture to the local community. It takes the financial pressure off the association, for which we’re grateful; and it shows that the company wants a good relationship with the community, which is good news for everyone.”

The association incurred the legal costs when VCAT dismissed its request to prevent Milemaker from building a service station at the junction of Jetty Road and High Street, Drysdale. Hundreds of residents had objected to a service station at that location, but VCAT dismissed the case, ordering the association to pay Milemaker $5,500 in legal costs by 7 December.

The reprieve from Milemaker came just a week after the association had launched a public appeal to raise the $5,500, emphasising that if it failed to pay the $5,500, it faced further legal action that would probably close it down.

Association Treasurer Doug Carson said, “People responded generously to the Appeal, for which we’re very grateful. With the legal costs waived, we intend, as promised, to return each contribution with our thanks and a sigh of relief!”

A new beginning!
Association Secretary Patrick Hughes said, “This reprieve marks a new beginning for the association. We can return reinvigorated to our work, including representing local people’s views to outside organisations, lobbying for increased leisure facilities for the area’s expanding population and running the popular annual Festival of Glass.”

To mark its new beginning, the association will run a “DCSCA Open Day” between 11.00am and 3.00pm on Saturday 19 December at 164 Wyndham Street, Drysdale. There will be a garage sale, stalls, live music, glass-blowing demonstrations and a chance to learn more about DCSCA’s work – and to join in.

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