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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Council halts work on service station

The City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) has ordered Milemaker Petroleum to stop work on the site of its proposed service station at the Jetty Road roundabout.
Just a few weeks ago .....

The council has given overall planning permission for the proposed service station, but it has yet to approve several details of its construction, including drainage, waste management and road works. The council has received plans from Milemaker concerning these issues, but has yet to approve them. Until it does, Milemaker can undertake "site preparation", but nothing more.

The council has judged that Milemaker's work to date on the site constitutes more than "site preparation" - instead, it has "changed the topography of the land". This is considered to be a 'development' of the site and, as such, is not allowed. Consequently, the council has ordered Milemaker Petroleum to stop work on the site and is liaising with them on those issues of detail.

DCSCA and VCAT - latest news.
VCAT has ruled that DCSCA's application to overturn the council's planning permission for the service station was “misconceived”. Consequently, DCSCA representatives didn't have a chance to present their arguments and describe the level of local unrest about the service station. Milemaker Petroleum has indicated that it intends to make a claim for costs. VCAT will provide a timetable for Milemaker to make a formal submission for costs and for DCSCA to reply, but as of 23 April, nothing has been received.

DCSCA is trying to obtain some free legal assistance around the issue of costs; we will also seek letters of support from appropriate individuals and organisations.

DCSCA's continuing role.
DCSCA continues to try to be the voice of the community. It is trying to obtain the best outcome on the following issues: -
a) Protect the nearby dam by requesting groundwater pollution monitoring
b) Ensure that the council's Engineering Dept. knows of the community's concern about the safety – especially for cyclists and pedestrians – of the entry and exit points of the site.
c) Ensure that the construction process minimises disruption and inconvenience to nearby residents and disruption to traffic at this busy intersection.
d) Ensure that Milemaker keeps it commitment (in its application for planning permission) to re-plant and landscape the site

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