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Thursday, February 27, 2014

'Community Concepts' - DSCSCA submission 11

This is the eleventh submission by the Drysdale and Clifton Springs Community Association (DCSCA) to the City of Greater Geelong's 'Community Concepts' programme.

For background on the programme, and earlier DCSCA submissions see "'Community Concepts' - making the process transparent" on this blog (22 January).

Scoping Study – Tourism in the Central Bellarine.
Council should establish a 'scoping study' to investigate tourism on the Bellarine Peninsula. The study should be led by the council or an outside appointed expert, with support from Council officers. The study group should include representatives from State government, Geelong Otway Tourism, local (Bellarine) communities, local businesses (including accommodation). The study group should make recommendations based on its investigations.

The scoping study should investigate:
1) Benefits to the community of increased tourism. Are there proven benefits - at present and in the future? If there are, how can tourism be increased?
2) Local tourist accommodation. Does the lack of tourist accommodation in the central Bellarine have a negative effect on tourism? If so, how can such accommodation be increased?
3) A local 'icon' of the central Bellarine. Would this encourage tourists to visit the area?
Suggested 'icons' include:
* An elevated Lookout Tower (with associated café) on the highest point of the Bellarine, giving 360° views of Geelong, Melbourne, the Bay, Queenscliff and the Ocean.
* An elevated Lookout Tower (with associated café) at an alternative location.
* A marine attraction on one of the Bellarine Peninsula's north-facing beaches.
* An All-Abilities Aquatic, Hydrotherapy and Wellness Centre at Drysdale.
* A resort-style complex.

Objectives of the project 
  • To determine how to increase the Bellarine Peninsula's attraction to tourists
  • To increase the amount of tourist accommodation on the Bellarine Peninsula - especially in the central area, which lacks such accommodation
  • To grow the local economy through the economic and employment benefits of tourism
  • To give the Bellarine Peninsula a recognizable identity through a local 'Icon'
  • To encourage tourists to enjoy the natural and beautiful environment of the Bellarine Peninsula.
DCSCA has been actively involved in promoting various ideas to Council and would be happy to participate in the study. DCSCA has volunteer insurance and members would be happy to assist in any way.

Street address and suburb: Drysdale, Clifton Springs, Portarlington Region.
Council ward: Coryule.
Estimate of total project cost: $20000.

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