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Monday, October 18, 2010

At last! After seventeen weeks!

Seventeen weeks after asking local Councillors for a meeting to discuss a Community Plan for the open space near Springs Street, Clifton Springs, the Plan's authors have been invited to City Hall for a discussion with Councillors and officers.

The discussion will take place at City Hall on Thursday October 21st, 12.00 - 1.00 p.m. Councillors Mitchell, Doull and Richards will be accompanied by four senior council managers; the authors of the Community plan will be among five representatives of the Save Our Springs Street Open Space (SOSOS) group and the Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association (DCSCA).

The SOSOS and DCSCA representatives have proposed a three-item Agenda:
  • A presentation by SOSOS and DCSCA (10 minutes)
  • Councillors' responses and an ensuing discussion (35 minutes)
  • Summing-up (5 minutes by each side).
A report of the meeting will appear on this blog soon afterwards, so watch this (open!) space.

Background In April and May, DCSCA members and friends developed a Community Plan for a Springs Street Reserve. (See 'Community Plan authors await councillors’ response’ [July 23] elsewhere on this blog.) On June 24, they submitted the Community Plan to local Councillors John Doull and Rod Macdonald, together with Cllr. Andy Richards (Parks and Gardens) and Cllr. John Mitchell (Mayor) and asked for a meeting to discuss the Plan. They received an acknowledgment of receipt ... and nothing else.

Subsequent attempts to 'follow-up' by asking Cllrs. Richards and Doull to indicate when the Plan's authors might receive a reply - let alone an invitation to discuss their Plan - have led to nothing, apart from a courteous e-mail from Cllr. Macdonald saying that he believes that communication on the issue should go via the ward Councillor, John Doull.

Three weeks ago, in response to formal questions from the Plan's authors at a Council meeting (September 28), Cllrs. Doull and Richards each said that a meeting between themselves and the authors of the Plan is imminent; and Cllr. Richards said that the open space in Springs Street should be formally rezoned as Open Space.

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