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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DCSCA meets Cllr. John Doull

On 18 January, DCSCA committee members met Councillor John Doull at Geelong City Hall. This was the first of a series of quarterly meetings that DCSCA has initiated with the two Councillors whose wards coincide with DCSCA's area - the other is Councillor Rod Macdonald, whom we'll meet on February 5.

We told Cllr. Doull of people's dissatisfaction with the Council's public communication and consultation processes around, for example, the Drysdale & Clifton Springs Structure Plan, the Council's proposals to revamp Drysdale town centre and Amendments C194 and C103 to the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme that the Council is proposing currently; and we said that these concerns were shared by other community associations on the Bellarine. Cllr. Doull said that he was unaware of any complaints about the Council's public communication and consultation, but that he would ask the relevant Council officers about them.

We then discussed arrangements for local participation in Clean Up Australia Day and Cllr. Doull asked for inormation about bins, collection, etc.; and for information about local action to send to the Council's media department for publicity.

Finally, we brought Cllr. Doull up to date with preparations for the Drysadale Festival of Glass and he suggested ways in which the Council may be able to support it.

Our next quarterly meeting with Cllr. Doull will be on 19 April at 4.00 p.m. at City Hall. Among the agenda items will be DCSCA's proposals about improving the Council's communication and consultation policies. We have sent these to Cllrs. Doull and Macdonald, as well as to all the community associations represented in the Affiliation of Belarine Community Associations (ABCA).

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